Home Sharing is a community based service that provides both short breaks (respite) and full-time (shared living) placements to children and adults with a disability. These breaks take place in the Host Carer’s Home. The scheme is voluntary; however host carers are paid an allowance which is tax free.

What is a Host Carer?

A Host Carer is an individual that has been recruited, assessed, trained and vetted by Avista. This person is approved to have the personal qualities and skills to care for a person with a disability on a short-term or long-term basis.

Types Of Home Sharing:

Different types of Home Sharing:

Home Sharing as a model of support is subdivided into three categories;

Short Breaks Host

Hosts in the community offering a short break to a adult or child with disabilities, in the hosts own home. Arrangements are based on the Host’s availability and other caring commitments. As this is not generally the Hosts ’s primary occupation, a tax-free allowance is paid per break provided. Short breaks
Hosts can support one or two persons separately depending on their circumstance.

Contract Host

Contract Hosts are assessed and approved as contract carers and commit to a number of overnight breaks per month for individuals. Contract Hosts are contracted for a number of sessions annually.

Shared Living

Shared Living Hosts are assessed and approved with a view to sharing their home with a person on a full-time basis with the responsibility as the main carer(s). The
person may spend some time during the month with their own family or with another family but their main residence is with the
Home Sharing Host under this arrangement. An allowance and retainer are paid monthly.
Breaks can be for a couple of hours, overnight, weekends or even longer.

Each break is arranged around the person’s preferences and each Host Carer’s preferences and availability.

Learn more about Home Sharing in the Mid-West:

Limerick City and County

Contact Avista Home Share Coordinator Catherine O’Sullivan on [email protected] or call 087 4132888 for information.


Contact [email protected] or Contact Brothers Of Charity Home Share Coordinator Karen Downes directly on 087 9235130 for further information.

North Tipperary

Contact Enable Ireland North Tipperary Home Share Coordinator Debbie Finn directly on 0879669880 for further information.