Avista provides a broad range of vital and responsive support services, led by the preferences, and needs of individuals, in order to live their best lives. The organisation delivers services in Dublin, Limerick North Tipperary, and Offaly to both adults and children with intellectual disability and/ or complex support needs. Striving to be a person-centred service we always seek to put those who use our service at the centre of all our plans and activities. We are also striving to develop and deliver a wide continuum of supports that are community based and socially inclusive, they are delivered in accordance with our core values and ethos and are underpinned by quality, best practice, and research.

Our service activities include:

  • Early Intervention, Pre-School Service and Educational Services.
  • Respite Supports- residential, home based, and community based.
  • Family Support.
  • Community Supported Accommodation and Residential Support Services.
  • Day Supports for Children and Adults.
  • Personal Development and Independent Living Support.
  • Training, Enterprise and Employment and Supported Employment Services.
  • Provision of Multi-disciplinary support – Medical, OT, Speech & Language, Physiotherapy and Psychology.
  • Specialist dementia supports.
  • Advocacy Supports.

The values of our organisation are our core guiding principles in how we operate and act on behalf of the organisation. They guide decisions we make daily at a strategic and operational level. In supporting individuals live their best lives; the organisation has invested significant resources over the last 10 years seeking to build its practical knowledge, and capacity in understanding and applying Social Role Valorisation (SRV) theory into our service, planning and delivery. Our work in this area is challenging and only beginning and will span across the whole timeline of the service strategy and beyond. However, work to date has included several service-wide initiatives and staff development programmes and the development of support tools.