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24 Nov 2021



I have always had an interest in photography and anything creative. I decided back in 2017 that I wanted to do a professional photography course and chose to do an evening course in a local college. The people I work with at Avista supported me in attending and purchasing my Canon camera, tripod and lenses. I went out regularly to scenic areas to practice the different skills I was learning weekly. I realised that I was actually very good at it and enjoyed myself immensely. I took photos at some of the birthday parties I attended and loved being able to give photographs to my friends to keep afterwards.

In 2018 I decided to hold a Photography exhibition in my home, Nuestra Casa. I sold many photographs and raised €380 for Diabetes Ireland. I really enjoyed seeing how much everyone liked my photographs, and was delighted to raise funds for a charity close to my heart.

In 2019 I held an exhibition in Templemore Library. I decided that it would be a great idea to keep it local and took all my photographs in Templemore Park. That way people using the library could get to appreciate how beautiful their local park is, and feel proud of it. I held this exhibition not as “Evelyn Ollerenshaw, St Annes”, but as “Evelyn Ollerenshaw, photographer, Roscrea”. The exhibition ran for the month of October. The opening night was amazing, lots of my friends came to wish me well and enjoy my photography. My support team at Avista congratulated me for a successful photography show and gave me a big bunch of flowers. Lots of local people commented to staff about how well I represented their beautiful park and did it justice.

In 2020 I frequently took photographs of different areas like Grantstown Lake, Birr Castle, Lough Boora. During the lockdowns this gave me something to focus on and keep me busy, which in turn kept my spirits up.

In 2021 I decided to put together a Diabetic cookbook of my favourite recipes to share with other persons with Diabetes.