Avista has extensive day support programmes located in North Dublin, Limerick, and North Tipperary. Each service centre endeavours to develop new skills or to maintain existing skills in a holistic, individualised way.

There are a variety of programs, which incorporate all aspects of the development of an individual ensuring that the physical, cognitive, educational, career and social needs of each person are met. This is achieved through programmes being designed to meet the individual needs of each resident and through collaboration with the wider physical and mental health services provided through Avista.

Every effort is made to ensure that individuals are encouraged and supported to engage in social/educational and work activities of their choosing. Individuals engage in activities independently or with additional supports in the planning and participation in activities.

School leavers are referred through the Occupational Guidance Officer in each relevant HSE (Health Service Executive) areas.

All agreed new starts are planned in collaboration with the individual and their families in line with the admissions, discharge and transfer committee which meet monthly.